Where did the name Happy Orange come from?
One morning, years ago, Ryan woke up to find that a persistent fog had lifted. From his new vantage point, orange suddenly jumped out to him as a color he was drawn to and that made him happy. The feeling of Happy Orange was thus born.

What does the robot logo mean?
Ryan is a big fan of vintage robots.

Why a T-Shirt series of vintage vibrators?
Not long ago, Ryan’s wife, Lynn, a writer and professor, came to him and asked if he’d create some original designs that would tie-in to her new book. The catch? Her book was about the history of women-friendly sex-toy shops. Ryan, who’s always up for a design challenge, sat down at his desk and produced a fresh take on several iconic vibrator images. (Lynn has assured him these will be the envy of vibrator enthusiasts everywhere!)

What kinds of designs will Happy Orange be selling?
One of Ryan’s core philosophies is that people should wear the design, the design shouldn’t wear them. As long as the image is clean, artful, and well-thought-out, a Happy Orange concept could conceivably be anything, on any medium, for anyone of any age.

Where are your T-shirts printed?
All of our shirts are printed and shipped by the fine folks at Clockwise in Pittsburgh, PA.